Studio Arjan van Helmond

After several years living in Paris (France) and Berlin (Germany), Arjan van Helmond returned to Amsterdam, where he lives and works. His art practice focusses on the unspectacular and even banal aspects of daily life -the house we live in, the carpet under our feet, the color of the wallpaper, souvenirs and trinkets in the closet- and yet his paintings are not explicitly narrative. Instead they use ordinary and evocative details to build up a form of realism, that aims to trace a path between history, culture, cliché and everyday human behaviour; Besides maintaining an artistic career, with international exhibitions in New York (USA) and Los Angeles (USA) London (UK), Sydney (Australia) and Shanghai (China), he has also worked as an advisor for the Mondriaan Fund. He is currently a member of the programming board of Art-space Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam, and professor Painting at AKI-ArtEZ in Enschede.

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